The Bandicoot Headlamp

Created by Knog

A silicone headlamp without the bulk, the endless batteries, and the “boring”.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Silicone Success!
6 months ago – Fri, Feb 08, 2019 at 12:42:00 AM

Hey everyone,

Just a quick update for you all on our progress.

Right before Chinese New Year, we received silicone components off the updated tooling that were very impressive!  We are confident now that the quality and appearance of the Bandicoot body and strap have finally met our high standard of quality, geometric integrity and accuracy.

There are some final modifications that need to be made, and the factory ran out of time to do these before closing for Chinese New Year. The factory will be back up and working on 14th Feb, and we estimate that those modifications will take about a week.

If everything goes to plan, we will then be able to approve all parts of the Bandicoot for production, and able to start shipping in March!

We’re nearly there folks, thanks so much for your patience.



China Factory Visit
7 months ago – Fri, Jan 18, 2019 at 01:44:51 AM

Hey everyone,     

The visit to the China factories is going really well. It’s a great opportunity for us to see the parts coming straight off the tool and give feedback straight away, rather than having to wait for them to be sent to Australia for review.    

The silicone colours have all been finalised and approved against the master samples that we provided the factories with. The colours are looking great and are going to look even better on all of your heads. In addition, we also had the specialist colour mixing team working hard to ensure the plastic components on the Bandicoot perfectly matched the silicone colour. The plastic colours were mixed many times, and have now been approved.    

Behind the scenes at the factory in China.
Behind the scenes at the factory in China.
Bandicoot in progress.
Bandicoot in progress.

We are perfectionists here at Knog. We still weren’t 100% happy with how the silicone components were coming off the tool. So we are making a few tweaks and changes with the factory around the tooling to make sure the Bandicoot meets our (and your!) high standards. 

As many of you have identified, our quest for perfection has moved our pre-production activities into the Chinese New Year period. So in order to minimise any delays, we sent some of the Knog team over to China. Our plan is to have the tooling signed off before our factory stops for Chinese New Year, then move into full production of the Bandicoot straight after CNY. With everything else ready, and final testing of production jigs and fixtures nearly complete, we are confident that we’ll have perfect Bandicoots ready to ship to you from the start of March.   

Right, we’ll get back to it!     



New Year, New Update
7 months ago – Thu, Jan 10, 2019 at 01:03:57 AM

Hey everyone,

Hope you’re all having a great start to 2019.

Just a quick little note to let you know that we sent another Knog team member back over to China last night to meet with the factories. He will be meeting with the toolmakers to ensure that all the tooling modifications and improvements that we specified during our last visit have been implemented exactly to the standards we expect.

We’re aiming to get a full update out to you all next week (plus hopefully some more photos!) once we’ve met with the factories.

It is looking like we might be shipping out a touch later than January - but we don’t want to communicate any changed shipping dates until we have all the information. So we’ll update you on this ASAP.

Thanks again for everyone’s support and patience, we can’t wait to get this Bandicoot out to you all.

Love Knog

Some Mechanical and Electronic Updates
8 months ago – Tue, Dec 18, 2018 at 01:05:36 AM

Hey backers,  

Thank you for your patience between our updates. As we shared in our previous update, some of the Knog team have been on the ground in China at the factory monitoring tooling progress. The aim of the visit was to approve all the different parts of the Bandicoot for production.  

Mechanical/Tooling Update  

Most of the parts were good to go. The chassis, USB clip parts and PCB support are looking really schmick. The silicone component didn’t meet our (very high) standards though, so further tooling refinements are currently being done to improve this.  

Bandicoot Tooling
Bandicoot Tooling
And some more Bandicoot Tooling
And some more Bandicoot Tooling

Electronics Updates 

The Bandicoot’s circuit and software have gone through a number of revisions to ensure these components are operating at their best. We’ve added in some exciting new functionality for you too. 

Locking feature
We’ve had lots of requests for the addition of a locking feature to make sure the Bandicoot isn’t turned on accidentally. So we’ve added it in. The Bandicoot can be locked by pressing and holding both of the buttons for 2 seconds, and unlocked in the same manner. Simples. 

Standby for years
We’ve reduced the standby power so that the battery is not quickly drained when not in use. When fully charged, the power in the Bandicoot will last for up to 2 years in standby mode – so when you’re ready to go your Bandicoot is too. 

The Bandicoot comes pre-programed with lots different light modes that will suit most people. For those of you who want to customise your own light modes, we’ve finished the process of adding Bandicoot to Modemaker. Whether you want flashing light modes, very long running low output modes, or something else that tickles your fancy, you can make it a reality with Modemaker. 

Low battery Light output strategy
We have updated the strategy for low battery light output, so that you have plenty of warning before being left in the dark. 

How does this work? If you have the Bandicoot in High Mode, for example, you will have 2hrs of 100lumen light. The Bandicoot will then drop to 30 lumens to warn you that your battery is getting low, before dropping to less than 5 lumens until the battery is flat. Checkout the below graph to see this in action.

We won't leave you in the dark.
We won't leave you in the dark.

Ease of use
Our electronics team have gone through 50 revisions of Bandicoot firmware to make it the most user-friendly headlamp on the market, whilst keeping it feature packed. We’ve been working on the details of the Bandicoot’s operation, everything from the timing of the button presses and the ease of accessing modes to changing brightness and checking battery status. Just like Goldilocks, we’ve now got it just right. 

Sample products We got some samples of the red and black silicone Bandicoots last week and took them for a little spin around Australia’s great outdoors. Boy are they looking good. 

Let there be light.
Let there be light.
Red Bandicoot charging up.
Red Bandicoot charging up.
The Bandicoot in its natural habitat.
The Bandicoot in its natural habitat.

We’re still on tracking for shipping in January, if final product testing with improved silicone tooling goes to plan.

Once again, thanks for your patience with us. We are working really hard to make sure all elements of the Bandicoot are of the highest quality, so we can deliver you something that you love as quickly as we can. 

Team Knog

Time to lock down your addresses
9 months ago – Mon, Nov 26, 2018 at 01:39:40 AM

Hey everyone,  

Great news, we are approaching final samples for production approval, which is very exciting! The team has been working hard to make sure all parts of the Bandicoot are just right. 

We have some team members in China this week to monitor and manage these final samples, so we can get cracking on making your Bandicoots. We’ll be able to post another update shortly with some behind the scenes info and photos directly from the factory. 


We last confirmed that we would be shipping in December, but in order to provide the best product possible, it is now looking like we will be shipping from the first week of January. 


We will be locking down your shipping addresses on Thursday 6th December, so please check that the address you have provided us via Backerkit is correct, as this is the address your Bandicoot will be sent to in January. If you can’t find the link to your survey, you can request it here: 

As always, look forward to your comments.